Doreen Garments Ltd. is considered as one of the pioneers in the garments sector of Bangladesh with over 40 years of experience. With denim as our heritage, we are amongst the trendsetters of the denim revolution in Bangladesh.

We have one of the country’s first compliance factories with two independent factory units including upgraded facilities meeting all the latest standards. With our certifications in WRAP, OEKO-TEX and GRS, we constantly strive to maintain our position of being on the cutting edge of industry trends.

Doreen Garments Ltd. plays a vital role in the national economy under various banners such as Doreen Garments Ltd, Doreen Apparels Ltd, SOB Apparels Ltd, N Neher Textile Ltd, and others. We aim to make sustainable fashion affordable for everyone. Our utmost goal is to ensure client satisfaction while maintaining a benchmark of fair and globally accepted quality of our services.

Despite our significant equipment and facilities, our employees are our most significant asset. The organisation employs multinational professionals to lead its various teams in order to constantly adapt to the market and deliver the best service available. We deeply value our clients and always strive to expand our services to better facilitate our clients.

Our Industries

Doreen Garments Limited

Doreen garments ltd is considered as one of the most established and renowned 100% export-oriented garment factories in the country. Since its establishment in 1984, it has been manufacturing men’s/ladies and children’s wear. The company has been exporting garments to clients in the USA and EU countries since its inception.

Doreen Apparels LTD

Doreen Apparels is part of a diverse group of businesses in manufacturing, production, and service. Doreen Apparels is specialized in fashion denim. Doreen Apparels has been exporting around the globe since 2014 to renowned companies such as Walmart, Inditex, and George.

Doreen Washing Plant

Doreen washing plant has one of the most modern washing plants in Bangladesh. The washing plant is set up with the state of the art machinery to meet internal requirements and cater to the needs of outside customers. This service was activated back in December 2008 and offers a wide range of special washes.


600000 PCS Per Month

50-60 DakkhinPanishail
N.K. Link Road, Gazipur


30,000 dzs per month 12 Line

50-60 DakkhinPanishail
N.K. Link Road, Gazipur


40,000-45000 pcs per day

50-60 DakkhinPanishail
N.K. Link Road, Gazipur

Our Services

At Doreen garments, we provide the following services for our clients


A good and strong sampling section fulfils the requirements of development, approval, fitting, and counter samples. All the patterns are done by computer added design (CAD).


We have all the SOPs to ensure that a structured quality system and process are in place when it comes to cutting the fabric. Our highly experienced in-house expert pattern masters have the capacity to cut impressive amounts of pieces on a daily basis using specialised machinery. Each fabric batch is cut separately, checked, and then bundled accordingly.


Our commitment to quality reflects on every cut, and ensuring it is our top priority. A dedicated team of professionals is assigned to use the best systems and SOPs throughout every stage of production to guarantee that there is no compromise when it comes to quality.


As part of finishing, quality is checked after thread sucking. Final quality control is done before folding and packing. All garments are metal detected wherever necessary.


In order to minimise damage to the garments, they are packaged as per the buyer's needs manually.


Each and every product is manually inspected as per the buyers’ specifications.

Our Client

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    Manufacturing Plant

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